An Indoor Garden Party: Tusq Events


designed for Tusq Events

For this indoor summer garden party we were tasked with creating the interaction, Props, menu boards and lighting for experience art company Tusq Events. Enter Lawn bowls, a 6 foot hight Giant jenga, and a custom mini put course designed to match the clients logo.

Set in one of our favorite venues in the city, Airship 37, there’s little more satisfaction than when you see 400+ people party rocking on till the wee hours of the morn with creations that have shipped straight from the workshop to the event floor.

The Beam Chandelier: Love By Lynzie


designed for Love By Lynzie

There’s no two words that we like hearing together as much as Love by Lynzie and District 28. Our Favorite Event Planner and Favorite venue is surely going to equal nothing but epicness… and this was one equation that surely did.

The Love By Lynzie crew were out to create something “…bold, outdoorsy and unlike anything anyone had ever seen before”, so when they talked to us about a chandelier to match their ceiling full of streamers we said heck yes.

The process of turning this old railroad sleeper into a hangable light began with stripping the moisture out of the wood and ended with hand chiselling a cavity that’d house the electrical equipment… the final result was.. well… you tell us…

Photography by Sara Monika

The Festival Lighting System: Tiger 8 Entertainment


designed for Tiger 8 Entertainment

We’re always floored with Tiger 8 Entertainment’s dedication to pushing the envelope of entertainment design, So when they called us up to create their new 2017 collection we were flippin’ esctatic.

While the whole collection included a reclaimed wood DJ booth, custom Marquee Lights and an epic trade show booth, the most exciting challenge for us was to create a vintage inspired dance lighting system that would set them apart from an overly saturated DJ market. Pushing us to the creative edge of our quest to marry Tech and with Style we came up with this little gem… The Festival Lighting System.

A system of Edison bulbs stung above a dance floor with vintage rope that’s remotely triggered by the DJ to create scenes, effects and moods depending on the track. It’s glorious, it’s a heck of a ton of fun and.. well… it’s just plain awesome.